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Welcome to SwitchHaxing.com, we try to provide all the links you need to make your switch into the best Homebrew device available.
Our site right now is still in alpha and will see a lot of changes in the future, so check back regularly!
Nintendo Switch ROMS
Click HERE to check out our index of game roms for Nintendo Switch.
Homebrew tutorial
Click HERE to check out the video by Jack Sorrell on how to Homebrew your Nintendo Switch
Emulators on your Switch
Click HERE to go to Lakka-Switch, a Lakka port for the Nintendo Switch, this supports 100+ consoles and standalone games!
SwitchHaxing subreddit (Not affiliated with us)
Click HERE to go to the SwitchHaxing subreddit. This subreddit contains a lot of news from the Switch Homebrew scene and tutorials.
GBATemp Nintendo Switch
Click HERE to go to the home of all discussions regarding the Nintendo Switch.